Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Watch: Official Trailer - The Wolverine

I just posted the teaser trailer this morning, and now here we got the first official trailer of The Wolverine! 

Seriously other den showing the background story and the face of Silver Samurai, this clip never really revealed anything important (that's what I think). Hope they can reveal more trailers soon!

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News: Upcoming Ichiban Kuji Set

Looks like Ichiban Kuji is releasing some new lotteries from more animes! I will be posting some of those which I am looking forward (especially SAO) here on my blog, so stay tuned for more news!

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Watch: Wolverine 2 teaser trailer

It's teaser trailer again, this time round it is the next upcoming Marvel Movie The Wolverine 2. There are 2 clips where the first clip which lasts for 6 sec actually showed something that belonged to the Silver Samurai. While the second clip lasted around 20 sec showed slightly more scenes from the movie. There are rumors there will be a third trailer coming on 27th Mar, but I don't know how true is it. Be sure to check back for more updates!

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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Taipei trip 2013: Our toy shopping in Taipei

Before setting off to Taiwan, I searched for the places to go for toys. But it turned out there are not many places that sells toys I collect until I saw some blogs and forums mentioning the Taipei City Mall which is located at Taipei Main Station underground shopping. They do have a variety of figures from Tamashii Nations, figma, Nendoroid and Banpresto, etc... They even have the Banpresto Ichiban Kuji lottery series, and almost every shop carries it! And thanks to that, we spent quite alot on the Ichiban Kuji lottery...

Other then the City Mall, we also went to Xi Men Ding for a short stay and went to the Wan Nian shopping Centre. I actually went there seven years ago during my army times, and my memory told me that the toy stores were located at the top floor. And without much effort we were able to find the toy shops. But because we spent too much at Taipei City Mall, hence we did not stay for too long at this area...

One of the shop have this display in front of their store, it is actually a model of the Wan Nian Shopping Centre, interesting model...

Other then Wan Nian Shopping Centre, we noticed there is also a toy shop which is located along Er Mei Street. But if you are against fake goods then you better avoid this shop. I took a good look on the toys in the shop and I am confident to say that most of them are not authentic... Although there are some which look quite ok to me. I even bought a Naruto Ichiban Kuji Chara Chibi figurines set there because I feel the figurines look 'quite authentic' (to me). I will be posting them here soon...

Basically toy sightings is not as common in Taipei compared to Hong Kong. But if you are into Japanese anime figurines then Taipei is a heaven for you. Most of the Japanese figurines are cheaper in Taipei compared to the pricing in Singapore. Overall we had a great toy shopping experience in Taipei and I hope we can visit Taipei City Mall again in the near future (with more 'ammo' of course). Thanks for viewing and please leave a comment if you have anything for me!

News: Figuarts Zero - Super Saiyan Son Goku figurine

After showing up at several anime and toys exhibition, this Figuarts Zero Super Saiyan Goku is finally ready for PO!

Tamashii Nation has been making several Dragon Ball S.H Figuarts, but for Figuarts Zero line, this is the first time. This is really a nice figurine and I am considering to get it. Hope there are more to come!

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Watch: New Iron Man 3 trailer (Contains Spoilers!)

I just saw this  short clip over at and got it posted here at once. It showed a scene where Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) is in a suit! Well based on the comic, Pepper Potts does have a suit of her own...

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Monday, 25 March 2013

News: 3A getting ready for Real Steel 1/6 scale Atom figurine

After launching the 1/6 scale Ambush and Midas action figure, 3A is ready for the next round. The robot boxer who managed to beat the champion, Atom! Wait, I forgot the ending, did Atom win...?

Source from: Toyark

News: Banpresto Weekly Shonen Jump 45 anniversary World Collectable Figure(WCF) J-STARS Series

Maybe some of you have already seen this by now. Banpresto had previously announced their Weekly Shonen Jump 45 anniversary World Collectable Figure(WCF) J-STARS volume 1 and 2. Recently on the net, there seems to be vol 3, 4 and 5 coming out with secret still not revealed! 

But honestly I do not know every single character that is shown here, and I would not buy a figure and have no idea who is he/she...

Source from: cybergundam

News: Kotobukiya teases upcoming Hulk statue!

Announced previously during the Toy Fair 2013, Kotobukiya has recently posted a teaser picture of the upcoming Hulk statue! I am sure more details will be reveal soon, come back for more updates!

Source from: Toyark

News: Latest issue of Figure King Magazine shows Prototype of Iron Man Mark 42 and Iron Whiplash from Hot Toys

I am sure many of you have seen this news already, it has been reported that the prototypes of the Iron Man Mark 42 and the Iron Whiplash (from Iron Man 2) has been shown on the Figure King magazine of 182nd issue. While the official details have not been confirmed by Hot Toys, fans can get to see the WIP version of both figures!

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