Wednesday, 31 October 2012

News: Iron Man Classics Cold Cast Bronze Statue preview by Sideshow

I posted a sneak preview of the Classic Iron Man statue last Friday here which was revealed by Sideshow. Today Sideshow has revealed more images of the Iron Man statue known as  Iron Man Classics Cold Cast Bronze Statue. See below for more images:

According to source, this Iron Man Classic Cold Cast Bronze statue should be available on 1st Nov 2pm to 3pm (ET). 

They had plans to launch Wolverine and Spiderman, both also in Cold Cast Bronze statue after this. Luckily I am not into Bronze Statues..

Source from: Sideshow

News: Sideshow announced Deadpool PF figure

Receive the updates from Sideshow that the PF Deadpool is up for PO! I immediately went to the Sideshow website to view the official Deadpool pictures, which I am sharing below:

Standing at approx. 20", this awesome Deadpool PF figure is set to release in June 2013. The Sideshow exclusive includes a switch out hand holding a rubber chicken stuffed with dynamite. As expected from the Merc with a mouth..

"Marvel's Merc with a Mouth stands ready for action in the Deadpool Premium Format Figure from Sideshow Collectibles. Unmistakable in his trademark red and black costume, fully sculpted, the glib master assassin is girded for combat with weapons for any occasion. A scaled-down assault rifle and automatic pistol are gripped in his fists. And should the fighting get close and personal, twin katanas are ready at his back. A deadly dagger rests in a leather sheath at one hip, and who knows what surprises are contained in those leather pouches on his belt? Standing at 20 inches in overall height on a base ringed with bullets, the Deadpool Premium Format Figure will make a lasting impression on any collection." - From Sideshow

Product size: 20.00" H (508mm) x 14" W (355.6mm) x 9" L (228.6mm)
Product weight: 10.00 lbs (4.54 kg)

Source from: Sideshow

Monday, 29 October 2012

News: Scenes of Slam Dunk figurines by Chaoer

I happened to viewed this picture showing Slam Dunk figurines from Chaoer (潮儿), which is a China figurine company (I supposed). Anyway it is showing some nice and funny scenes from the anime/ manga from Slam Dunk that really brings back memories...

A total of 5 scenes from the series and the bases of each scene is able to 'interlock' with each other. This is really a cute and nice series. I am not sure if this set is ready for sales but it seems it is one of the latest series from Chaoer. Other than these interesting pictures, there is not much info on this series. I will be posting here if I have more info. However you may also want to visit the official website here if you can understand Mandarin. Thanks for viewing!

Source from: Actoys &

News: Sauron Premium Format Figure announced by Sideshow

I posted about the preview pictures of Sauron here last Thursday, and here it comes the official images with release date and specs. Let us first go through the official images:

"From J.R.R Tolkein's classic tale, The Lord of the Rings, Sideshow Collectibles proudly presents the Sauron Premium Format figure. The Dark Lord of Mordor comes to life in breathtaking quarter scale, wielding his trademark mace and cloaked in a tattered fabric cape. With a design inspired by acclaimed artist, Jerry VanderStelt, the Sauron Premium Format figure towers at a full three feet tall, capturing every facet of his forbidding armor. Finished with a unique paint design that reflects the raging fires of Mount Doom, the Sauron Premium Format figure is sure to be a definitive entry in Sideshow Collectibles Lord of the Rings collection." - From Sideshow

Standing at 36" tall which is an incredible height for a statue, is this really a 1/4 scale figure...? According to source it is set to release in July 2013. But due to the massive weight of this figure, it is going to cost a lot especially for international shipment.

Source from: Sideshow