Friday, 5 October 2012

My collection: Yūki Asuna (Newly Married Ver.) from Sword Art Online

Finally received this set, one of the last two SAO figures that comes with hobby magazines I have been anticipating. The last two actually came in together, but I am posting them individually. If you are interested on the previous two figures, please click here (Asuna, Kirito) to view them.

As the title shown, this is the married version of Asuna. Yes, in the storyline of this anime, they (Asuna & Kirito) got married and went on a honeymoon vacation and this all happened in-game... And from the looks of the expression, it looks like she just woke up and it is cute. Do every girls as cute when just woke up?

A photo shot with Kirito in his battle mode

And lastly a group photo of all the 3 SAO figures

Alright that is all for this post, I will be posting the last SAO figure from hobby magazine soon! 


  1. so many cute figurines you collect :)

  2. Haha yes bro, both my gf and I like these cute figures. I will try to post some 'not so cute' figures in future if you wish, haha..