Thursday, 25 October 2012

News: Dragon Ball Kai Scultures 3 coming soon!

My eyes lifted up immediately when I saw this news! Yes, it is none other than the Dragon Ball Kai Scultures 3! Although the figures are shown in their prototypes, but it still looks awesome! From the picture, we can see Majin Buu, SSJ3 Goku, Chichi (child version), Master Roshi, Android no.18 and normal Goku! No mentions of any dates currently but I really look forward for the release of this set to join in my Dragonball collection!

Source from: Actoys

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  1. I made a mistake, someone pointed out the left middle guy is Broly instead of Goku, my bad.. Just not used to seeing someone else other than Goku in SSJ3 mode. lol