Wednesday, 10 October 2012

News: 1/8th scale Rin Tohsaka (Yukata version) by FREEing

We have seen the Yukata version of Saber and Illya with the PO still on-going. Today we have Rin Tohsaka, also available for PO! Dressed in red Yukata, which is basically the same color as her outfit in Fate/ Stay Night. Rin is seen sat on a bench with a lovely expression. According to source, the pig-liked item is a mosquito repellent... 

Compared with the group shot taken before, the next character, Sakura seems to be in her prototype stage right now. Waiting to be colored and announced! According to source, there is likely to have one more character in this series to show up (Rider or Caster?), but right now we can only wait for more updates.. Please continue to visit our blog to find out more news about it!

Source: amiami

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