Tuesday, 9 October 2012

News: Nendoroid Asuna previewed by Mika Tan

Just posted about the news and images about this Nendoroid and here it is, previewed by Mika Tan, the Nendoroid Asuna, the fencer in the Sword Art Online (SAO). If you had been viewing my blog, you would know that how crazy am I on SAO. Ok la, not really crazy, but hmm interested yes... First, I think the story was good, the character designs was good, the song was good plus it was an action, fantasy and abit of romance anime. What hitted me was the main character, Kirito. I feel that he was just like me! Ok enough bullshit.. Back to the Nendoroid, let's check out the images shared by Mika Tan!

From the images shown by Mika Tan, there are a total of three facial expressions, which is common and two version of weapons plus a menu window as accessories. In case you have not idea what is game menu window, I have inserted a picture below showing Asuna opening her game menu window in the anime:

I certainly hope Goodsmile Company can add in more accessories then this. Probably some sandwich or something? She is a great cook in the anime right? Anyway according to source, it will be available for PO on 12th Oct. This is definitely a buy, at least for me..

Source from: Mika Tan's blog

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