Monday, 31 December 2012

Looking back at 2012: Most favorite of year 2012

Today is the last day of the year 2012, it has been a wonderful year for me. For example, creating this blog, getting engaged, promoted (with little increment), etc... Anyway since this blog is created for toys, movies and animes, I will be listing my favorite toy, movie and anime for the year 2012!

Favorite Toy 2012:
I have no idea how many toys I have bought this year, and as far as I remembered, I have got a handful of Hot Toys, Nendoroid and figma. I also started to buy statues this year which is really costing me alot. Hence I have cut down on getting PVCs and other action figures. That been said, my favorite toy this year would be the Nendoroid Saber Lion from Goodsmile Company. So why this toy? I have been looking for this eversince I started to collect Nendoroid two years ago, but since it was quite an early release from GSC (no.50) this was quite rare and expensive. Until GSC decided to re-release this figure again this year, I finally got my hands on it... 

Favorite Movie 2012:
I have not watched a lot of movies this year and I have only focus on several blockbusters like Dark Knight, Hobbits, etc... Hence I am confident to say that my favorite movie is The Avengers by the Marvel Studios. Produced by Kevin Feige, The Avengers is a successful crossover film combining several characters from individual films like Iron Man 2, Thor, Hulk and Captain American. According to source, there is plan on the sequel which should be out somewhere in 2015.

Favorite Movie 2012:
Speaking about anime, I have been watching a few since the beginning of the year till now. But out of them, my favorite anime is none other then Sword Art Online! According to source, Sword Art Online is a Japanese light novel series by Reki Kawahara, with illustrations by Abec. It has been adapted into three manga, an anime, and a video game. Currently the anime has reached the end of the second arc's story at episode 25, also the end of the anime. I have also specially posted about my afterthought here. Now I really wish they have a second season of this anime.

Pictures from: georgespigot &
Info from: wikipedia

News: Hot Toys announced 1/6 Snake Eyes collectible figure from G.I. Joe Retaliation

Just saw this wonderful news on the last day of year 2012. Hot Toys has published this news on their official web page as well as their facebook page. They are collaborating with Hasbro to make the their first G.I Joe 1/6th scale figure. Choosing Snake Eyes as their first G.I. Joe figure, I guess a lot of fans will be thrilled! Now let's scroll down for more pictures!

"In view of the popularity if the G.I. Joe series and the launch of the G.I. Joe Retaliation movie in early 2013, Hot Toys is proud to present the Snake Eyes Collectible Figure in the G.I. Joe Retaliation movie as the first collaboration with Hasbro. The movie-accurate collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Snake Eyes in his black "military ninja" bodysuit in the movie, highlighting the character's image, highly detailed costume and weapons." - From Hot Toys webpage

The 1/6th scale Snake Eyes Collectible Figure specially features:
- Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness of snake Eyes in his black “military ninja” bodysuit in the movie
- Approximately 30 cm tall
- TrueType body with over 30 points of articulations
- Five (5) pairs of interchangeable gloved palms including:
- One (1) pair of fists
- One (1) pair of palms for holding gun
- One (1) pair of palms for holding swords
- Two (2) pairs of relaxed palms

- One (1) black “military ninja” bodysuit with armors on upper body and arms
- One (1) black helmet
- One (1) pair of black boots

- Two (2) Japanese-styled metal swords with sheath
- One (1) pair of daggers with sheaths
- One (1) submachine gun
- One (1) pistol with holster

- Figure stand with Snake Eyes nameplate and the movie logo

~ All spec from  Hot Toys webpage

According to source, the release date for this Snake Eyes Figure is Q2 2013. By then the movie should have released to most parts of the world, I think...

Source from: Hot Toys webpage

Friday, 28 December 2012

News: Max Factory revealed the colored figma of Asuna!

On figma's blog, the above image was posted, together with the news that they will be displaying their stuffs at the last big event of the year, Comiket, tomorrow. Do stay tuned for more updates!

Source from: figma blog

News: Hot Toys Announced 1/6th scale Hall of Armor Collectible from Iron Man 2

This piece of news was posted on Hot Toys facebook, after releasing all the different versions of 1/6th scale Iron Man figure, Hot Toys has come to launch the 1/6th scale Hall of Armor. A 'cabinet-liked' place for Tony to 'show off' his armors. Enough talk, now take a look at the pictures posted by Hot Toys!

"Hot Toys is proud to present the 1/6th scale Hall of Armor Collectible from the Iron Man 2 movie from the Diorama Series, where Tony Stark displays his armors in his basement workshop in the house. The movie-accurate Hall of Armor is highly-detailed and has LED light-up functions, which is suitable for disaplaying the Hot Toys 1/6th scale Iron Man Collectible Figurine Series, so that you can easily create your own Tony Stark's workshop in 1/6th scale!

Hot Toys- DS001A-C-Iron Man 2: 1/6th scale Hall of Armor Collectible Specification
~Diorama Series~
The 1/6th scale Hall of Armor Collectible specially features:
- Authentic and highly detailed Hall of Armor
- Approximately 35cm H x 23cm W x 17.5cm D
- LED light-up functions
- Suitable for all Hot Toys 1/6th scale Iron Man Collectible Figurine Series
- Transparent acrylic plate with holographic-like effect
- Each Hall of Armor can be combined with another to create the diorama setting
- AC/DC compatible

" - From Hot Toys (webpage)

Currently I have no source of the selling price but according to Hot Toys, it seems they are releasing in sets of 4 and 7 or even 1. Below are the details posted on Hot Toys web page.

DS001A - Each Hall of Armor includes 1 transparent acrylic plate and 7 types of stickers with holographic-like effect of Mark I-VII (total 7 stickers)

DS001B - Set of 4 includes 4 transparent acrylic plates and 2 sets of stickers with holographic-like effect of Mark I-VII (total 14 stickers)

DS001C - Set of 7 includes 7 transparent acrylic plates and 3 sets of stickers with holographic-like effect of Mark I-VII (total 21 stickers)

Source from: Hot Toys Community (webpage)

Thursday, 27 December 2012

My Collection: Petit Chara Land - Fate/Zero Chimitto Seihai Sensou Arc by MegaHouse

Hi people, finally time to show my new collection! This box of just arrived last week and I can't wait to open them up for taking pictures. If you recalled, I have posted the poster image of this series on this blog (Click here to view it). Now let's check the box art!

All four sides of the box are covered with images of the figures itself showing all the possibilities of figures you would get from the box.

Well, the first two I got to opened was the Rider and his master from Fate/ Zero. This Rider (left figure) was known as Iskandar, Alexander the Great who was once the King of Persia, also nicknamed King of Conquerors. His master (right figure) known as Waver Velvet, a ninteen years old  student at Clock Tower, an institute of the Mage's Association, who is also a magus with a recognized magical lineage of three generations.

Next we have two servants, Archer and Lancer. The Archer in Fate/ Zero is known as Gilgamesh, the great half-god, half-human king that ruled the Sumerian city-state of Uruk, the capital city of ancient Mesopotamia, in the years before Christ. In the anime, he was summoned by Tokiomi Tohsaka  and was portrayed as an arrogant but powerful servant who believed he is the only one who is fit to be called a king in the entire world. Lancer's (Right figure) real identity is Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, the son of Donn, foster son of Aengus, and first warrior of the knights of Fianna. In the anime, he is a proud and noble knight who wishes to serve his lord to the best of his abilities. Summoned by Kayneth Archibald El-Melloi in the fourth Holy Grail War in the stead of Rider-class Servant, Iskander, as the catalyst to summon him was stolen by Waver Velvet.

The final two figure are a master and servant team. Kiritsugu Emiya (Left figure) is the Master of Saber.  Although branded as the Magus Killer by the Association, Kiritsugu wishes to be a "hero of justice" that protects the weak. Saber (Center and right figure), servant of Kiritsugu Emiya, is actually King Arthur, the same character from Fate/stay night. Known as the King of Knights, she maintains a high code of honour. Though she and Kiritsugu are Servant and Master seeking the same ultimate goal of peace, their differing ideological perspectives result in a strained relationship where Kiritsugu does not directly acknowledge Saber.

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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

News: Bandai announced Chibi-Art - Sinbad from MAGI

We first saw the prototype displays of the King of Sindria, Sinbad (from the manga known as - Magi) at the Tamashii Nation 5th Anniversary Event (click here to view it). Magi is  a One Thousand and One Nights-themed Japanese manga written and illustrated by Shinobu Ohtaka. There is also an anime adaptation by A-1 Pictures began airing in Japan on October 7, 2012. Currently the anime is at episode 11, which I am also keeping track of.. Let's take a look at the pictures.

Made in the Chibi-Arts series, this Sinbad stands about 100 mm. Comes with an alternate pose of him in a nude body with a leaf on his sensitive area. I don't think I would want to pose him in this alternate body... According to source, it should be ready by May 2013 and currently several online stores have already started taking in preorders.

Source from: Cybergundam & Wikipedia