Friday, 7 December 2012

News: MegaHouse Dragon Ball Capsule R Series

Earlier on this afternoon, I added the above picture on the post. Now this post is entirely about this figurine set. I came to know about this Dragon Ball Capsule series from MegaHouse quite late and did not manage to get hold all the sets. During that time, there were over 20 series of this Dragon Ball Capsule Series from MegaHouse. And for those who do not collect these, the price of the older series cost double to triple the initial retail price. Hence it stopped me to get all those old series. Up to now, I only have three series, and I am stopping... Anyway back to this, it looks like most (or all) of these diorama are similar (or same) as some of the previous series. But the color and quality is definitely better!

Same as all the previous versions, there are 7 different capsules each contains a diorama, and all 7 capsules holds a small part for you to build the bonus figure. In this case it looks like the child Goku standing on the dragon head is the bonus figure. But like I mentioned in my previous post, it is not easy to get all 7 different dioramas and even worst is you may get a chance to get a gold version instead of the colored version...

 Gold version and color version

I tried searching the internet for some gold version and manage to find it. And fyi the colored version is mine.
Yes, I happened to own this piece (I forgot from which series) which looks exactly the same as the one in this new Dragon Ball Capsule R Series. According to source it will be ready by Mar 2013, it is currently available for preorder at most of the online stores.

Source from: Actoys & amiami


  1. I believed these are more to gasaphon. The capsule in dragonball used to house the figure make good display too! I have some DBZ gasaphons, can't remember from which series but now trying to sell them off as I wanted to concentrate on bigger figures.

    1. Ic, although I planned to stop buying more gashapons but don't have the intention to sell off my old collections now. Well maybe now is not the time for me yet..