Thursday, 19 July 2012

News: Kotobukiya displays from SDCC 2012 (Intensive Pictures)

SDCC is over, but the excitment is not. I have been posting several display at the SDCC 2012 from Hasbro, Sideshow, Hot Toys, Mattel and Gentle Giant. I think this is will be the last post I have on SDCC 2012 displays. Anyways there are tons pictures online for Kotobukiya displays, but I only going to share those yet to release or recently released statues. Here you go:

This is the Kotobukiya SDCC Catalog

Sorry for uploading so much pictures at once. Anyway I am really interested in the Bishoujo statue especially Chun Li and Huntress. The DD, Cyclops and Venom doesn't seem to impress me at the moment, will have to wait for the actual item to decide. Thanks for viewing!

Pictures from

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