Thursday, 26 July 2012

News: More Diorama set up pictures at the Anicom 2012 (Intensive images)

As I posed the planned diorama set up on 25th Jul 2012 here. Now they have almost finished the whole thing!

Starting with Spiderman (only 1 picture).

Followed by The Avengers diorama, starting with Hulk!

Next to the TDKR diorama, they have created a snow scene. From here you can see how big is the Bat.
And a sneak picture of Catwoman.

Omg, she looks good on the Bat-pod

Some pictures of the The Terminator 1/4th scale Endoskeleton Figure


Not to forget about the 2012 Toy Fair Exclusives Trio, there are some pic of them on display too.

Lastly some interesting set up at the Hot Toys Booth

I see 4 pairs of helping hands holding on to a hand.

Sorry for the intensive photos. I am looking forward to the STGCC 2012, hope they bring these impressive items to the MBS too!

(For more information on STGCC, click here to visit their official site!)

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