Saturday, 28 July 2012

News: Max Factory re-released Saber and Kiritsugu 1/8 scale complete PVC

Saw this news few days ago, but was too busy on posting Anicom Hot Toys news. This 'pair' of PVC was released several years before I watched the animation. Hence they were costing very high at those second-hand markets. Since they were beyond my budget, I have no choice but to skip the. But after the Fate/Zero anime was aired last year, I thought that Max Factory may have a chance to re-release it. And yes, not only did Max Factory re-released them, they also improved on the sculpting and made them 'refined version'. There is no way I am missing them this time round!


Now, let's compare both the refined version and first released version, I managed to find some of the first released version. All first released version pictures are on the left and refined version pictures are on the right.

Sources from: figma blog and

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