Saturday, 14 July 2012

News: Hot Toys Display at the SDCC 2012

Hot Toys just showcased their soon-to-be release at the SDCC 2012. Among the displayed Hot Toys, a few caught my attention, which I am about to share it here:

 The Ironman Mark 7 as it appeared in the movie, The Avengers. There is no official picture on this Mark 7 before the Convention. It looks pretty much like its presedors, with a potential 'pink' underwear. No matter, I will still order it for sure...

 A side view of the same Mark 7.

Well this got me by surprise. Initially I thought it was the 'Rescue Version' Captain America. But according to most of the sources online, this is found to be the 'Golden age" Captain America. It doesn't really looks nice at the first glance. But I will just take my time to adapt to it. A sure buy for me since I am a fan of the Captain.

I wrote about this version of Captain America earlier on my blog here. It just looks good man, I think it is the best of the other 3 versions (from my point of view).

Barney Ross from Expandables 2. (saw him in this suit from his Expandables 2 poster). It looks rather  plain without any accessories. Will have to wait for Hot Toys to reveal more on this.

Thanks for viewing and please continue to check back for more updates!

*Updates: Please visit this post for more detailed pictures!

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