Saturday, 21 July 2012

Updates: Marvel Legends 2012 Wave 3 press photos

I just came across these new press photos of Hasbro's Marvel Legends 2012 Wave 3. As mentioned earlier on my blog, this wave will not be having a BAF but according to the source, each figure comes with a figure stand instead (which to me is of not much use)... Anyway here are the photos:

Pictures and info from:

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  1. Same figure stands that came with the Avengers 6".

  2. Hi whoever you are, thanks for pointing that out. I wasn't sure of this as I did not buy any of the Avengers 6" figures. Hasbro sure knows how to reuse their products.

    1. Hey
      This is Mr Anonymous, Lee Isbell, from above. I collect marvel and legends is the scale of choice. Picked up only the Hawkeye out of the Avengers set (all the rest had been done to death). Excited about all the new sculpts coming out (OK maybe not this group. Deadpool (got in the twin pack), Dr. Doom (do like the FF variant ), Blade (comic accurate), Punisher (already lots of good legends scale ones out[why couldn't they do a movie War Zone 1 of Ray Stevenson]), Iron Man (good new suit), Mystique (looks better than the 1 out now), Moonstar and USAgent(great!).

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  3. Hi Isbell, nice to know a fellow ML collector. I am also seeking the 6" ML for my Marvel collection. Plus the Hot Toys from the various Marvel movies and occasionally some statues to go with. Thanks for visting our blog and see you around!