Monday, 23 July 2012

News: Hobby Magazine Figure King No.174 coverpage showing Mark VII and Hulk

While checking the facbook on my way home, I was delighted when I see words of 'Hulk' from the Hot Toys Community. But I was shocked when I see the picture... Ar, is this really the Hulk from Hot Toys? It was actually Cybergundam who added the coverpage. On the coverpage, it clearly shows the Hot Toys of the characters in the movie The Avenger. However there are several fans who questioned about Hulk's 'hair' while some commented on the head sculpt. I decided to do nothing, but wait for more updates from Hot Toys. I am sure they can do better than that.

While this picture had 'upsetted ' me, there is another news that brought me back. Hot Toys will be announcing the Iron Man 3 and Man Of Steel licences! According to the 'news' in the picture, Hot Toys will be displaying the Catwoman, Ironman Mark VII, Hulk, as well as the 60's  Bat mobile and The Expendables 2 at the coming Anicom 2012!


News and pictures from: Hot Toys Community (Facebook)