Tuesday, 31 July 2012

My afterthoughts on The Dark Knight Rises (Contains Spoilers)

I finally caught the movie yesterday with my financee at Cathay Cineleisure.. Was having exam when the movie released, hence missing the chance to catch it. Having no knowledge of the DC comic superhero, I thought that by using his wealth power and some martial arts skill, anyone can be batman. But the part where he managed to climb out of the well is mostly dependent on his will and determination. This reminds me of the teaching we got from NS.. With strong will and determination, I myself from a zero fighter to 12 pull ups is possible! Hee.. but not impossible after ORD...

 Got our tickets, woohoo!

Marching into the entrance!

The show (Contains spoiler):
Alright I don't read DC comics, (but I knew who is Bane, who is Gordon, etc...) so it was a pretty new story for me. The story was good, the actors were excellent. But somehow, it linked back to the first part of the trilogy (where they mentioned about the League of Shadows and Bruce's master, Ra's from Batman Begins). So it is recommended to watch the first two (ok, at least first) series before this. I kind of liked Alfred's role somehow, it portrays the loyalty and the kin of Alfred and Bruce Wayne. The role of Blake was... I donno how to explain but he comes in handy when the Batman was not around. Both Gordon and Bruce are old already, Gotham needs someone young, energetic and 'fired up'. No one knows for sure if there will be a next sequel but Blake could be the next potential superhero of Gotham...

Main cast of The Dark Knight Rises

Anne is the best Catwomen I have seen. My impression of her was in 'My Priness Dairy', but she came out from the princess image to a kickass lady thief. She is mytserious and dangerous but at the same time sexy and naughty.. (Ops my financee is watching...) Ok I am not going to introduce every main cast here, because typing too much is tiring. Anyway, both my financee and I enjoyed the show at our favorite theatre. And before I end this, let me share my humble sketching of Batman. (Sorry if this turns you off but this was my impression of Batman, in my heart!)

My impression of Batman

Hope Batman doesn't ends here. Hey man of steel, you are next! See you next year, Clark.

Man of steel poster

All images are found using google image except for the tickets, entrance and Batman sketching.

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