Friday, 13 July 2012

News: Marvel Select from SDCC 2012

Marvel Select had earlier on announced several new releases like Nightcrawler, Storm and the Hulk (with beard). But the one I am more interested in are the Rhino and Venom that was displayed at the SDCC 2012. I have shared a few photos which I spotted online.
The Amazing Spiderman.

The Hulk with beard. (I really have no idea what it is called...)

Venom! It looks quite nicely done for the upper body, And noticed that it does not come with the tongue like what most Venom figure does. But the waist part looks too small for Venom. And is that Carnage's hand?

Rhino looks good but I would prefer him to be bigger size compared with Venom.

Thanks for viewing and stay tuned for more updates on SDCC 2012!

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