Saturday, 21 July 2012

News: Goodsmile Company - Nendoroid Hunter Male Swordsman (Lagia X Edition)

I used to play Monster Hunter on PSP (forgot which version). Although I am not really a fan of the game, but the game was really enjoyable. While visiting Mika Tan's blog I really find this Nendoriod nice and detailed enoungh as a hunter. Not really sure on the name of armor set and weapon he is carrying, but think I saw it before somewhere. Anyway enjoy the pictures:

The BBQ pit shown  is not included in the set, it was Mika Tan's personal collection according to the blog. Let's hope GSC could come up with something similar for it. Really looks cool.

Pictures and info from: Mika Tan's Blog

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  1. Hey guys, this Nendoriod is up for preorder now! So check your favourite online stores now!