Thursday, 19 July 2012

News: Goodsmile Company Nendoriod Petite - "Tales of" Series

I came across this news of Nendoroid petite release recently on quite a number of sites. Honestly I don't really know or seen all of them but I recognised one or two. But speaking from my heart, all these Nendoroid petites really looks well-made and detailed that I thought it was a normal Nendoroid. After reading abit on this Nendoroid set, it seems not all are from the same game series.

From "Tales of Vesperia", there is Yuri Lowell, main protagonist of the story and Princess Estellise.


From "Tales of Graces" there is the main protagonist Asbel Lhant, together with the mysterious humanoid, Sophie.


For "Tales of Xillia" there is Jude Mathis, the medical student and incarnation of  Maxwell, Milla Maxwell.


Fyi this set of Nendoroid Petite is available for PO now in a box of 8 pcs/ box. You may want to look for your local shop or online shops for more details.

Pictures from: Goodsmile Company
Information from: Wikipedia

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