Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A report on Counterfeit goods (bootlegs) - Goodsmile Company Rin Tosaka UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS

According to a report from Goodsmile Company, they seems to have found someone posing as Goodsmile Company selling counterfeit goods (bootlegs) online. In order to prevent collectors from buying the bootlegs unknowingly, they have compare it against the original authentical goods. You can see the pictures shown below on a few areas which they had highlighted.

First of all the genuine goods comes with authentical hologram seal on the packaging box, which the counterfeit does not have.

Next, the shape of the sword's handle different. In addition, the pattern of genuine red dagger should looks transparent.

It looks quite obvious the paint job over here is not very nicely done for the counterfeit goods, another easy to identify.

On the hand (of the counterfeit goods) which is holding the pendant, the chain does not look as fine as the genuine one

Goodsmile company is actually complaining that the hair of the counterfeit is not as smooth as the genuine one. Actually from the picture, it is quite easy to spot the nect joint of the counterfeit is very poorly done. Poor Rin, that must be tough for you...

Again here Goodsmile company is complaining about the 'smoothness', this time on the socks. And it appears that the counterfeid had a hard time painting the socks while Goodsmile Company actually did a nice paint job on that. With a shadow effect just on the edge to split the thighs and the socks.

Here comes the end of this post. All the above info are sourced from Goodsmile Company while I did a little bit of translation (thanks google translate!). I had this figure myself for my own collection and I really hope collectors (who treasures authentic) to look carefully before attempting to order from any online sources, good luck!

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