Thursday, 26 July 2012

News: Hot Toys & I.D Square presents - Power Illuminated Turntable Figure Stand

I see tons of pictures on this rotatable figure stand on various toys and figurines sites. At first I was ignoring it as it seems quite pointless to buy an addition stand when most of the Hot Toys I purchased comes with one. But after viewing the video demo, I am hooked on gtting one. According to news from Toyark, this product was designed by I.D. SQUARE and distributed by Hot Toys. As these are mainly meant for 1/6 scale figures, they have showed a HT Ironman Mark VI for the demo.

While this is not all. At first when I saw the picture of 6 figure stand linking together (above), I thought it was just an arrangement where you can place all the HT Avengers characters. But I am wrong, it seems they really are interlink. Check out the below video to find out more!

While you may see that there is an 'Action TT' name tag in front, it can be removed and switch with the movie logo plates according to Toyark.

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  1. Nice gadget and suited well on Ironman especially. It's Tron technologies... Hee! Hee!

  2. Now that you mentioned it, it does resembles the Tron's design!