Friday, 27 July 2012

News: More pictures of the Hot Toys display at the Anicom

While the party has not yet started, our excitement is reaching climax! Anyway due to the advance technology, pictures of the displays has been circulated even before the event started. And here is more.

Ironman Mark VII

The Mark VII hologram figure is a bonus accessory for the exclusive version. But I don't remember seeing a hologram Mark VII in the movie.. Or did I missed it?

The Amazing Spiderman

 Am I the only one who thing this looks like Takeshi Kaneshiro? Omg Andrew Garfield has 明星脸!

Ok it looks ok overall, but the web should come out from the webshoot isn't it? And maybe Andrew Garfield has long neck then normal people, but does the toy maker has to put that into consideration?

Golden Age Captain America

This version of Captain America may look weird to some of us. But I think in the movie of The first Avenger, he looks exactly like this, weird. So the toymaker has managed to bring the 'weirdness' feel from the movie to the figure! Haha.

Lastly, the incredible Hulk!

It is awesome I can say. The arm has no visble joints, which looks good on Hulk. If only they can hide the joints on the feet. I don't know what accessory he may come with. Maybe a puny god for him to play around...?

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