Wednesday, 25 July 2012

News: Blitzway release pictures of 1/6 scaled Kara members

Ok I know Kara, at least I heard before. But honest speaking Blitzway sounds alien to me. In order to know more, I visited their official site here. You may want to take a look after this. Back to Kara, I saw it on the blog of onesixthrepublic and I could say the figure is rather impressive with the rooted hair and the seamless body.

Although I am not familar with the 1/6 scale and Kara members, I think that they could improve more on the headsculpt because from the pictures, the body looks flawless and the clothes and accessories are nice! Hope to see more from Blitzway (not talking about SNSD) but more movies or comics characters.

Pictures and info from: onesixthrepublic blog


  1. I always think that anyone having their own figure is an achievement that puts they in the immortal category.

  2. Bro, I understand what you mean. But categorising them under immortal is abit... misleading, haha..