Saturday, 28 July 2012

News: Anicom displays from UML Hobby, Herocross/ZC World, Asia Goal Ltd, Hasbro and Kids Logic (intensive images)

I have searched over the web to look for other toy displays at the Anicom and managed to found the below companys that also took part in the event. Sharing some photos here:


Once again sorry for the intensive images, I thought it is better to group everything in one post instead of doing multiple post. I see some interest figures from all these displays like the Chow Yat Fat, Tom Cruise. The Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee looks a statue and both looks cool. The big head Ironman series (from Kids Logic) drew the most attention from me. I seen pictures of it before this event, but was not sure where it was manufactured from. Now I know it.. That is all for now, thanks for viewing and stay tuned for more updates!

All sources from: GIGA Hobby 玩具月刊 (Facebook)

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