Thursday, 31 January 2013

Watch: 14 second preview of the new Iron Man 3 trailer

Hey Iron fans, while waiting for the new Iron Man 3 trailer this Sunday at the Super Bowl TV Spot, we have a 14 sec preview of the Iron Man 3 trailer which will be showing on that day, click the clip below and enjoy!

News: Dare Devil shows up on Kotobukiya facebook

We first saw this Dare Devil (DD) during the SDCC 2012 on the Kotobukiya’s display. Yesterday on Kotobukiya’s facebook, they revealed a few more images of this upcoming DD statue. 

"For the next Marvel Comics Fine Art Statue, Kotobukiya turns to a defender of justice by day and by night. Matt Murdock grew up poor but idealistic in the rough neighborhood of New York’s Hell’s Kitchen, and he was sorely tested by the death of his father and being blinded by radioactive ooze in a freak accident. However, that injury would also enhance the boy’s other senses, and with training and razor-sharp focus he would become an expert martial artist. Honing his craft by night while working as a lawyer by day, Murdock defends the innocent and puts away the bad guys as the scarlet-suited Daredevil! With a career stretching back to 1964, Daredevil is a mainstay of the Marvel Universe and has worked alongside countless other heroes, always carrying his signature modified billy club weapon. No one can hide from the “Man without Fear” and he’s never looked better than in this powerful presentation. Daredevil stands on a cracked and broken rooftop, posing in a wide stance as he prepares to swing into the night with his club. The athletic hero has an incredibly detailed sculpt showing off every muscle and sinew, while his costume is perfect down to the last detail with its boots, gloves, belts and holsters, and raised “DD” logo on his chest. Daredevil’s face captures Murdock’s intensity perfectly beneath the costume’s distinctive horns, his head cocked slightly as though he can hear crime even before it happens. In each outstretched hand the hero grips one end of his billy club tightly, while a length of its retractable cord whips around him in a dynamic motion! Expertly sculpted by artist Erick Sosa, Daredevil stands nearly 10 ½ inches tall in magnificent 1/6 scale atop the gargoyle-accented Hell’s Kitchen rooftop. Display him alone or alongside other Marvel-inspired Fine Art Statues from Kotobukiya!" - From Kotobukiya's facebook

According to source, this DD statue is schedule for a August 2013 release.

Source from: Kotobukiya's facebook

News: Hot Toys teased Power Pose Series - Iron Man 3 Mark XLII Collectible (Coming Soon)

The below picture together with the hint of a new series was announced on both Hot Toys webpage and their facebook. I am not surprise they have another Iron Man product, but a new series?

"Iron Man 3 is coming to theaters in just three months! Fans, are you ready yet? We know that many fans have been awaiting the Mark XLII collectible for long, so Hot Toys is now thrilled to announce our brand-new Power Pose Series (PPS) and the armor of the Mark XLII collectible will be activated soon! The Mark XLII PPS is coming very soon! Stay tuned!" - From Hot Toys webpage

Source from: Hot Toys webpage

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

News: S.H.Figuarts Iron Man Mark VI and War Machine

Iron Man toys again…? Yes, earlier on I posted a teaser image on the Iron Man Mark VII figure from Bandai (posted here). Today we are viewing more pictures released by Bandai on their first Tamashii Iron Man and War Machine!

Quite surprised that S.H.Figuarts made this Mark VI instead of the latest Mark VII from The Avengers movie. Wait, perhaps it is already in the process... But based on the picture, it really looks awesome despite the fact that it is only 145mm, about the height of a 6" action figure.

Based on the images, War Machine is also looking as awesome! S.H.Figuarts really worked on every detail of the movie characters and make their figure as detailed as possible! But seriously I am wondering would there be many fans and collectors who want to fork out extra money for figures they already have from different manufacturers?

Source from: Cybergundam & (ironman special)

News: Hot Toys announced Iron Man 3 (Series 1) Cosbaby (S)

After the tease picture showed on their facebook, Hot Toys had fully revealed the Iron Man 3 (Series 1) Cosbaby (S). Each standing at approx 3" (7cm) tall. This could be the only set you need to get all the Iron Man suits (from Iron Man movie 1 to 3) at one go!

"One of the most exciting and anticipating movies of the year – Iron Man 3 is coming soon in end April. In view of the popularity of the movie and our Cosbaby products, Hot Toys is proud to present the first wave of the Cosbaby Series from the Iron Man 3 movie, featuring a total of eight Cosbabies of the characters from the movie." - From Hot Toys webpage

Each Cosbaby stands approximately 3 inches/ 7 cm tall, featuring your favorite movie characters in baby form and their unique designs in special format.

Each set of Iron Man 3 Cosbaby (S) (Series 1) includes eight Cosbabies in window box, with the specially designed Hall of Armor paper backdrop and mini paper stage for fans to display them together like Tony Stark’s workshop.

Iron Man 3 Cosbaby (S) (Series 1) specially features:
Designs inclusive: 8 unique designs
- Mark I
- Mark II
- Mark III
- Mark IV
- Mark V
- Mark VI
- Mark VII
- Tony Stark
- Set of 8 (includes *Hall of Armor paper backdrop and mini paper stage in window box)
*only available for the set of 8
*The Hall of Armor paper backdrop cannot be separated individually

Release date: Q2, 2013
(From Hot Toys webpage)

Source from: Hot Toys webpage

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

My Collection: Club Ecto-1 Subscriber “Thank You” Gift

I was a fan of Ghostbuster and really enjoyed the show during my Primary School times. I used to own some of the vintage Real Ghostbuster toys by Kenner Original during that time but they slowly went ‘missing’ as I was growing. I was overjoyed when Mattel announced the return of Ghostbuster action figures in 6” and 12” during 2009 when they first released the SDCC exclusive Egon Spengler.

Since then Mattel had released about 6x 12” action figure, 20+ 6” action figures, 1x 22” Marsh Mallow Man, a few Real Ghostbuster Retro Action line, a P.K.E meter prop and a ghost trap prop. Out of these, I have collected almost all except some variants and exclusive versions. Until 2012, Mattel decided to stop the subscription of the Ecto-1 and announced the end of the 6” action figure series. By May, Mattel had sent all the subscriber of Ecto-1 message that a token of appreciation be given FOC to them for loyalty rewards.

I happened to be one of the Ecto-1 subscribers that received the gift and today, I am sharing it here!

Since this was made Glow in the dark, I have the last photo taken with the lights off. Slimer really looks like he is floating in the air!

Source from: Ghostbusters.wikia

News: Iron Man 3 Cosbaby Series 1 [Size S] from Hot Toys

This above image was shown on Hot Toys facebook today. While we may seen the teaser image of this series few weeks back when they released it, but we do not know the exact character in this series. Looks similar to the previous Iron Man Cosbaby series with a few new suits. No date was mentioned as of now, so do come back for more updates!

Source from: Hot Toys (Facebook)

Monday, 28 January 2013

My Collection: Akatsuki Chibi-style figurines

Went CSC last Sunday and got myself this set of Akatsuki Chibi style figurines. Ok first of all, I do not know who manufactured this because I have not seen any of this available in the market. It could be a bootleg or a custom done by some unknown company. But nevertheless, I still bought them because I have always wanted to collect all the figures of Naruto characters. Since the Akatsuki Team work in a team of 2, I will intro them, 2 by 2.

Team Itachi and Kisame
This is the first team of pair that appears in the anime. During that time, the Akatsuki team was still very mysterious to me, thus I was quite amazed when there are two skillful ninjas appeared in the anime.

Team Deidara and Sasori
According to source, these two were grouped together because of their passion for art… Anyway, this is quite an impressive team, even though they were defeated by Kakashi and Chiyo baa-san.

Team Kakuzu and Hidan
Formed by two ninjas who had the ability to made themselves immortal. This is one of the deadliest team which killed Asuma, one of the Jounin from Konoha. But also because of them, both Naruto and Shikamuru had proved themselves to be ready for the battle against Akatsuki.

Team Pain and Konan 
Both Pain and Konan was once disciple of Jiraiya. After Jiraiya leave them, they joined the Amegakure and eventually found Akatsuki. Pain is the acting leader of Akatsuki, where the actual leader was revealed to be Tobi.

Zetsu and Tobi
Although Zetsu did not joined any team, but his splitting personalities makes him as effectively as a two man team.While Tobi did join with Deidara for awhile after Sasori is dead. He is the actual leader of Akatsuki and later revealed his true identity as Obito Uchiha.

It remains was unclear why Orochimaru joined Akatsuki, throughout his stay, he was partnered with Sasori.  When Itachi Uchiha joined Akatsuki after conducting the Uchiha clan massacre, Orochimaru saw his opportunity to steal his body to gain possession of the Sharingan. This was stopped by Itachi, while also cutting Orchimaru's left hand off to prevent him from breaking the genjutsu he was under. This lead to him leaving Akatsuki to acquire a new body.

We have come to the end of this post and thanks for the viewing. Last but not least, a group photo of the figurines!

Source from: naruto.wikia