Sunday, 6 January 2013

My Collection: Banpresto Fate/ Zero DXF Servant figure vol.1 (Saber and Lancer)

I have really been waiting for this series since I posted news of this on my blog in August last year (Click here to view). Finally I have collected it last Friday. Let's scroll down for more pictures!

This is the Vol. 1 of this Banpresto Fate/ Zero DXF Servant figure series featuring Saber and Lancer and both figure will be shown on this post. Let us take a look at Lancer first.

The box art is basically the image of the Lancer figure in the box. But I like the way it is presented at backview of the box. It shows all 8 figures with Lancer in the center.

The figure itself looks pretty good especially the head sculpt. It shows really great details that he even has his 'beauty spot' under his right eye. Not sure if I am the only one who thinks he resembled Aizen (from Bleach). 

Next we have Saber in the house! Lets first look at the box art!

Same as Lancer, the box art of Saber is simply images of the Saber figure in the box. Nothing really special about it... Let's move on to the actual figure.

This figure is awesome, the coloring, shading and details are really up to standard. I am quite impressed with the details of the Excalibur. I have taken several pictures of both figures below, please scroll down to enjoy!

Next to come is Vol. 2 featuring Archer and Berserker, expected to arrive in Feb 13. Looking forward to it!

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