Tuesday, 29 January 2013

My Collection: Club Ecto-1 Subscriber “Thank You” Gift

I was a fan of Ghostbuster and really enjoyed the show during my Primary School times. I used to own some of the vintage Real Ghostbuster toys by Kenner Original during that time but they slowly went ‘missing’ as I was growing. I was overjoyed when Mattel announced the return of Ghostbuster action figures in 6” and 12” during 2009 when they first released the SDCC exclusive Egon Spengler.

Since then Mattel had released about 6x 12” action figure, 20+ 6” action figures, 1x 22” Marsh Mallow Man, a few Real Ghostbuster Retro Action line, a P.K.E meter prop and a ghost trap prop. Out of these, I have collected almost all except some variants and exclusive versions. Until 2012, Mattel decided to stop the subscription of the Ecto-1 and announced the end of the 6” action figure series. By May, Mattel had sent all the subscriber of Ecto-1 message that a token of appreciation be given FOC to them for loyalty rewards.

I happened to be one of the Ecto-1 subscribers that received the gift and today, I am sharing it here!

Since this was made Glow in the dark, I have the last photo taken with the lights off. Slimer really looks like he is floating in the air!

Source from: Ghostbusters.wikia

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