Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Transformers, Gundam in disguise?

Saw this awesome custom made model kit while browsing the net. After checking further, found out that it happened to be one of the entries for Hong Kong's GBWC this year by 小鲨, and he called this 'Paganic Astray'.

I thought that this customizer is good in brushing the metal parts, giving it a realistic metal feel. But I also noticed the white markings (that separates the blue and red colors apart) which he could have done better. (This is from the views of a noobie gundam builder, I could be wrong) Anyway, it is something out of the box, and cool!

Source from: gunjap.net & gundamguy's blog


  1. Yes JF, both the painting and sculpting(if any) were done nicely by the customizer. That is why I wanna share it here!