Sunday, 5 August 2012

A return to the China Square Central (4th Aug 2012) Part 1

My financee and I finally have a chance to visit our favourite place, China Square Central after so many weekends. We haven't been there for several weeks due to our busy schedules, so today is the day we can finally relax ourselves and have a crazy shopping! There are much changes there except seeing a new shop opening on the second floor and see a familar owner shifting from level one to level two (I am not sure of their names and shops, so not naming them).

I ended up getting an acrylic display case and some loose One Piece gashapons. It is good for my wallet since I did not spend too much today. And now, time to open my hoots!

This is how the display stand looks like.

Displaying my Ichiban Kuji Dragonball Prizes.

Adding my recently purchased Ichiban Kuji Fate/ Zero prizes too.

Looking abit cramped.. This is the top view.

And the back view.

And the One Piece Gashapon! I really liked this series,
but I only have these three, will try to hunt for the rest of them!

For non-One Piece fans or non-gashapon collectors, these two pictures shows the full set of the One Piece gashapons I posted above.

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