Thursday, 9 August 2012

News: Fate/Zero related figurine future releases and coming soon figures

I am not sure how many readers here are interested in Fate/ Zero or Saber. But frequent readers of this blog by now would have realised how deep is my affection for it. So I thought why not do a post on this? I have gathered several pictures I can sourced for and publish it on this post.

From Megahouse

From Banpresto

Ichiban Kuji Fate/ Zero Part 2
From Max Factory

From FREEing

From figma

From GSC

From GSC

From GSC

While the above are not yet released, the below pictures are showing those released figures that are coming soon:


  1. I watched Saber but yet to catch up on Zero series. Some cool merchandises. Btw, I have added you to my blogroll!

    1. Oh, then you should not miss it. It is a nice anime. And thanks for adding me in your blogroll! I saw it, it is nice! I have added you in my blogroll long ago.