Thursday, 9 August 2012

News: BBK launching Zhu Bajie from Journey to the West

First of all to all muslim readers (if there is any), please do not feel offended. This post may be talking about a character that looks like pig, but this is a legendary character that shows up in the Chinese Classic Novel, Journey to the West.

It was one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature written in the 16th century. When I was young, it happened that the television also had a series adapted from this Chinese Novel. Hence it leave a very deep impression to me.

One of the scene from the 1986 TV series
Not long ago, Channel U also boardcasted the latest version of a tv series also based on the same name. With advanced technology and excellent acting skills, this latest version of Journey to the West is able to bring me a childhood feeling. When looking at the Sun Wukong, I feel like a child, always wanted to see him fighting with some powerful demons or monster creature that is trying to eat their master. Having said that, the figure I am sharing is not Sun Wukong, but Zhu Wuneng, aka Zhu Bajie. But Zhu prefers calling himself Tian Peng Yuan Shuai, which is his previous title and something he is pround of...

When I saw this picture of Zhu action figure on the net, I was kind of expected. This was because there was also a Sun Wukong figure that was released few months ago, hence a Zhu here should be very much anticipated.

Overall from the pictures, I think it is quite well done and looks alike the actor from the TV series 1986.

While there is no news about the prices and release date from the source, we will continue to keep watch and give updates again when any news come out.


  1. Agreed that it's quite well done. Good pig head sculpt... lol... and details on the weapon. I don't see these figures ard my town.

    1. Ya, and the head could serve as an accessory for loan sharks figures. Haha. It is just announced I think, so I believe some speciality shops here will bring them in.