Friday, 24 August 2012

Bearvengers Series - Model kit built by FIGUREIN

I actually saw images of this 'Bearvengers' last week and was keen on posting. However I later realised that the owner (FIGUREIN) of this Bearvengers are actually selling their work. On their webpage, it is stated that they are taking orders from people who are interested. Wasn't sure if I could post them, I went on to email them. And yesterday I finally got their permission to post it!

If you are into Gunpla model kit, you should be able to recognize that these customized model are made using the Beargguy from Bandai (shown on the pic above) as the base (except maybe the Hulk?). And right now, they are taking in orders for their Bearvengers Series no.1: IRON-BEAR (see images below)

As stated on the webpage, they will start taking in orders from 1st Sep onwards. And good works are worth waiting, since these are hand made, customers are expected to wait for the completion of the work.

"Since this product is hand-made, it takes about 7 days after the order.
Orders made until 9/1/2012 ~ 9/14/2012 are completed on 9/24/2012 and delivered.
Orders made after 9/14/2012 are produced and delivered due to schedule afterwards.
Since this product is hand-made, colors in the monitor may be different from those of the real product.

We sculptured Bandai company's kit with hand-made customization by matching Marvel's famous heroic characters." ~ Taken from FIGUREIN webpage

According to the source, the customization of Iron bear cost USD 70.00. And since this group of toys customizers are based in Korea, you are expected to pay for the delivery too.

Delivery fee is paid separately, EMS
(Delivery fee may differ country-by-country.)

In Asia country, about US$25.00
In USA, about US$30.00" ~ Taken from FIGURE IN webpage

For more info, please click here to visit their webpage!
(Edited the the production company as FIGUREIN)

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