Friday, 17 August 2012

My Collection: The 'Black Swordman' Kirito from Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online is one of the anime/ manga I am currently 'addicted' to. I wouldn't say it is a totally new type of anime. It is somehow similar to .hack//Sign where gamers were trapped inside the  game's virtual world. To escape out to the reality world, the players in Sword Art Online would have to fight their way to the final level of the tower and defeat the final mob boss.

Kirito is the protagonist of the story and he is a 'solo' player (just like me, I like to solo too). Alright back to the figurine, it was a release by Dengeki Bunko Magazine 2012 Sept issue. I had a hard time searching for this because I don't know it was 'hot' in the market. I had to buy it from ebay, and the seller did not give me the magazine! (I can't read it anyway, but I can still see pictures right!)

Nevertheless, I was still glad that I managed to get it. It was really a nice figurine that SAO fans must have!

Since this anime/ manga is so hot right now, how would the toy manufacturers miss the opportunity? Dengeki Magazine will be releasing Asuna, the female protagonist of this story soon, check them out.

So if you are still reading this, and very interested to get it then you better act fast.

Source from: wikipedia & Hobby Search


  1. I'm watching the anime now and I love the setting and romance. Very good anime.

  2. Yes bro, SAO is a really nice anime. I am also enjoying it very much. Look out for the poison from Nendoroid and figma on their SAO figures! There will be more upcoming figures on SAO!