Sunday, 12 August 2012

News: Bandai announces new 12" Perfect Model Series at TAMASHII Feature's - VOL.4 @ HK (Intensive Pictures)

So Bandai has officially join in the 12" lines to complete with Hot Toys and Enterbay. According to source, they have previously partnered with Medicom to launch several 12" products. But now, Bandai has decided to make their own 12". According to source, the first 12" figure to be launched is the Perfect Model Wild Tiger from the Anime Tiger & Bunny, and it is said to be on sale by Dec 2012. This 12" Wild Tiger features 20 LED lights on various part of his body and a open face headscuplt.

They actually invited the director of Tiger & Bunny and HK actor 黃浩然 as their VIP

Bandai have also display their upcoming 12" series figures which includes the C3PO and R2-D2 from Star Wars, Akiba Red, Gozilla, Wild Tiger's partner, Barneby Brooks Jr and both of them in their casual wear.
While this 12" line of Bandai may looks good, but their price certainly doesn't.  According to source, Wild Tiger is going at 25,000 Yen... (Wallet: Ouch!)

Sources: cybergundam &


  1. I think bandai wanted to compete more against medicom..

  2. Bro, you may be right. But I think it is too early to judge them. As you can see, other then Japanese animation characters, they are releasing Star Wars characters too, who knows what are they coming up next..?