Monday, 27 August 2012

News: Displays at the C3 x Hobby 2012 part 3 (Intensive figurine images)

I still managed to find some more pictures from the C3 x Hobby 2012 and sharing them here. As far as concern, all these images were not shown on my previous posts. Check it out! These are mostly figurines from Banpresto and a few Nendoroid.

Source from: Cybergundam


  1. I shall wait for those Unicorn Gundam character figures. Wonder if they would be released as Gundam Portrait series. The figure of Sheryl Nome cosplaying Basara is really awesome too!

  2. I preferred these World Collectable Figure Series, they are cute and small and easy to maintain. But they have too many series... I am actually aiming for the Gundam Seed series because of Lacus. And Naruto Ichiban Kuji, I want you!