Monday, 6 August 2012

News: FREEing 1/8th scale Saber and Ilya (Yukata version)

If you recalled, we saw these two cuties from my post on pictures of Wonder Fest Summer few days ago (check it out here if you haven't!). Today, Mika Tan's blog have posted several closer pictures on these two cuties and I am going to share it here! Here we go!


Notice the Berserker mask on Ilya's head? Even the Berserker looks cute! Omg... According to Mika Tan, Saber will be up for order on 9th Aug, didn't mentioned about Ilya, but we will wait for updates. I'm guessing these pair might be launch together, followed by Rin and Sakura.

Sources from: Mika Tan's blog

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