Tuesday, 14 August 2012

News: 100 years before the birth of Doraemon

I came to know about this event after reading Leon's blog (Open the Toy). I was very attracted by this when I first heard it because like many people out there, Doraemon is part of my childhood memories. This morning I found several pictures related to this Doraemon event and found that it had just started, and it seems the pictures were quickly widespread throughout the internet. So here I am, sharing some on my blog too.

According to sources, this year (2012) marks the 100th year before Doraemon is born. Doraemon traveled back in time to stay with Nobita Nobi and helped him. He is a robotic cat from the future (probably in the 22nd century), sent by Nobita's great grandchild, Sewashi Nobi, to help him improve himself so that his descendants can enjoy a better future. Visitors who are there now or may travel to HK during this period, don't miss this opportunity to visit this special event! For more information, please visit their facbook link below: