My Collection Page

After started this blog for about 2-3 months, I have been getting 'requests' to show my collections. This page is made just for this reason, showing my collections. Given the size of modern HDB, (I lived in a 4-room HDB) many toy collectors would complain about the limited space for display, and I am certainly one of them... Alot of my toys are sealed in carton box, mainly because I have no space to display. I have to bear with this for another 1 year before my newly applied HDB is ready. Below are some peeks of the collections in the space limited cabinets.

My small Marvel Universe and other 3.75" collections on the wall, 
together with some WWE Legends series.

Some of my Marvel Select collections hanging on the window 

My 3.75"  Iron Man  movie series

Various Naruto trading figures and gashapons

Various FMA trading figures and gashapons 
and a simple kit bash Tony Stark 

Some mixtures of Dragonball Gashapons & Gundams. 
Standing beside is the Terminator from Hot Toys
More mixtures of figures and trading figures
Soul Eater and Gurren Lagann trading figures
Dragonball Gashapons and MG Goku

Dragonball trading figures and some HSCF series

Dragonball Saiyan series and other various figures 
together with my small DCUC collections 

Various Dragon figures and a few DC figures on the right

Some MG and various trading figurines

Mountains of seal cartons (with toys inside)
My Marvel Legend and 6" Marvel collections 

Various Marvel Legends and some Marvel Select 

Some of my Gundam collections, mostly consists of Gundam00 here

Sorry for the poor quality photos, most of the 'white spot' in the picture is actually dust. I covered my cabinets with plastic sheets (the one we used for wrapping our primany school textbooks). I have no plans on tidying and cleaning the cabinets right now since I will be moving out probably in one year's time. I will be adding pictures once there is any new cabinets or when my new house is ready! Thanks for viewing!


  1. Thanx for sharing your collection. I see a good mixture of western and Japanese toys. Seems like you already reach the level like most local toy collectors of space constraint.

  2. Bro..i agree with dennis..u hv both US and Japanese figures and they hv filled up your entire room..thanks for sharing and keep collecting..great collection..

  3. Thanks both for the comments. Currently still staying with parents, so no choice as I can only keep them in my room. Anyway I should be able to move out next year to my own house. Hopefully I have more space for display!

  4. Nice stuff bro! Really awesome collection, love the Marvel stuff. I feel your pain about space limitations. I'm also waiting for my new HDB flat where I will get more room.

    1. Thanks bro, at least I know I am not alone. You certainly need more space for your growing collection of statues too!

    2. Yea bro. When's your flat due? Mine's in late 2013 or early 2014. True, my statues are all boxed up. I'm also starting to keep some figures sealed now.

    3. Mine also around the same timing as you bro. Should be ready by the second half of year 2013. And same as you, I am also keeping most of my bulky items sealed.

    4. Err. by any chance are you gonna be in Yishun? Cool, so after that I'll be able to see your full collection up on display

    5. Hmm, I guess this is really a small world... Yes, it is Yishun. We can arrange for house visiting bro.

    6. Haha that's awesome bro! Yes we can house visit!