Thursday, 12 July 2012

Banpresto Ichiban Kuji Prize lottery (一番獎): Fate/ Zero (Part 1)

I am so excited when I first know that Banpresto is having an Ichiban Kuji Prize Lottery for Fate/ Zero! For those who have no idea on Ichiban Kuji, it is a lottery that is set up by Banpresto. I did a research and came to know that every month, Banpresto would come out with a set of exclusive items based on a specific anime titles from Shonen Jump. For more details, please refer to this site.

Now back to the Fate/ Zero lottery prize, I would say it is quite worth even if you got the whole set as majority of them are figures (yes I like figures!). I will be glad to share some of the pictures I got.

Prize G - Chara Chibi Figurines (Height: approx 6.5cm)This is the first time I am more interested in the prize G (normal I only care about prize A).
It has got all the 7 servents from the anime (if you have watched this series). I don't remember there are any completed 7 servents from Fate/ Stay Night, even less to say other novel or game series that is base on this storyline. Let's hope I can get all 7 during the lottery!

Prize F - Rubber Strap Keychain
3 types of keychain with the anime character made of rubber material.
Honestly I prefer magnet over this.

Prize E - Art Sheets
Based on what is shown, it looks like some kind of A4 sized files with the characters designed on the cover.
Total of 3 different 'King' characters

Prize D - Berserker Chara Figurine (Height: approx 10cm)
From Prize A to D, there are figurines slighter bigger then those in Prize G.

 Prize C - Acher Chara Figurine  (Height: approx 10cm)

Prize B - Saber (Armor) Chara Figurine (Height: approx 10cm)

Prize A - Saber in standing pose and bike pose (Height: approx 10cm)
Looking cool in her causal wear, Prize A also includes Saber on the bike, which was given to her by her master in the anime. According to the anime, she has the gift of riding bike since she used to ride horses, hmmm...

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