Monday, 16 July 2012

News: Sideshow DC Comics Statues

Well, I have done one for the Marvel. Now is time for the DC fans. Although I am more of a Marvel's boy, but I cannot deny the influences of DC over the comic world. And recently when Sideshow displayed the DC Comics Statue, I thought to myself, "Omg, these look even better then most of the Marvel's statues!" (Note: I really am a Marvel's boy, ok at least I liked Marvel more) But these Sideshow statues is simply going to change my opinion... We will see how. Anyway pictures:

Batman SDCC 2012 photos:

 Official Batman picture from Sideshow:

Superman SDCC 2012 photos:

Green Lantern SDCC 2012 photos:

Catwomen SDCC 2012 photos:

Poison Ivy SDCC 2012 photos:

 Official Poison Ivy picture from Sideshow:

Oh, I am poisoned... They are way too nice, like what I mentioned above, even better than the Mavel's statue.

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