Saturday, 14 July 2012

News: Sideshow Marvel Statue at the SDCC 2012

The hot favourites are the Avenger and the recently acquired license, the DC Comic. However I am only going to show the Marvel statues now. The Captain America and Thor was released earlier on before the convention started so I am only going to share some recently released items here.

Hulk, shown in the picture below, which I fell in love the first time I saw it. It captures the likeliness of Mark Mark Ruffalo who protrayed the Hulk in Avengers. Wonder how heavy is it to ship from US to my home (SG)

The teaser picture of the PF Black Widow has been circulated in the internet. But this is the first time the real thing is been shown in public.

The planet devouring alien, The Galactus. Was released around the same time SDCC starts. If you notice, Silver Surfer is actually flying around on his right hand. The next two pictures shows a better view.

Deadpool, which was quite a surprise release for me as there was no news on it previously.

Updated: Dr Doom Statue, really awesome! Comes with a base, it's gonna be heavy!

Initially I missed on this, until I revisit an online site again this morning. It was a prototype according to Sideshow and it looks good when placed along with the also recently announced Scarlet Witch.

Thanks for viewing and rememeber to come back for more updates.

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