Friday, 20 July 2012

News: Wonder Festival Summer on 29th Jul 2012

Yes! Wonder Festival Summer is coming again, although I do not have the chance to be there... Anyway I know this news is a bit too late, but nevertheless... Like the previous Wonder Fest, Goodsmile Company will have limited edition items for sale at the event and the official GSC online shop. Since quantities are limited, be sure to check them out but it will only be available for order on 29th July, so good luck fellow collectors! Now check out the pictures!

First up is the Buffalo Bell : Visitor ver. from figma. She is the official mascot of the Orix Buffaloes.
Buffalo Bell is appearing in her special visitor outfit for this figma!

Next up is the Nendoriod Insane Black Rock Shooter from the BRS anime series. This Nendoriod also comes with the huge 'Insane Cannon Lance' and the 'Insane Blade Claw'.

Last but not least, the Nendoriod set of Nanoha and Fate which was mentioned previously on my blog here.

Pictures and news from: Goodsmile Company

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