Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Goodsmile Company presents: Nendoroid Saber Lion

I told myself no matter what I must post this cutie. Since I started out late, I had missed my chance on this Saber Lion when it was first out in the market a couple of years ago. Back then this was the at the top of my wishlist (it still is now) but no matter how hard I search, even the second hand market does not have. Only occasionally found it been auction online, with a crazy price. I am glad that I did not bought then and I really thank Goodsmile Company for re-releasing this Saber Lion (I know it is not for my sake!). By now this Saber Lion is available for PO at most of the shops out there, online or offline. Now let us have a look at the pictures that were posted on their website.

Cute isn't it? Even I as a man cannot resist its cuteness!
According to the Goodsmile Company, they have re-released this Saber to celebrate their 10th year anniversary. Happy birthday Goodsmile Company and thanks for granting my wish! (eventhough it isn't my birthday, yet)

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