Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Rounding up of Wonder Fest Summer 2012

It came fast and ended fast. Although lasted for only a day, but the releases and pictures were plentiful. Plentiful enough for me to broke... I have posted a few posts on the pictures on Wonder Fest Summer 2012. Please click here if you missed it, or wanna view it again!

Before ending it, I am going through some of my 'must-buy' and 'might buy' list.

Must buy:

Those two Mikus are just too cute to miss, the Marvel Nendoroid looks promising, hope the figma turns out good as well. I am always showing affection for brotherhood anime like the Blue Exorcist, let alone their fingurines. I am recently very interested in the Sword Art Online anime and getting their figurine is a must! 

Might buy:

I always liked the Black Rock Shooter series, but they have released far too much version and style. Hence it changes from my 'must buy' to 'might buy list'. Kira Yamato is my favorite Gundam Seed character, so I might grab him if it turns out good. The rest of them have to see if my financee likes them, we sometimes decide together whether we buying it...

Now this marks the end of this post. We will see them again at Wonder Fest Winter 2013!

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