Sunday, 30 September 2012

News: More display images from Fate/Zero Fourth Holy Grail War Exhibition

I have posted images of the Fate/Zero Fourth Holy Grail War Exhibition few days ago here. And here are more pictures that I have found from my source.

Chogokin Saber from Bandai (Chogokin may be the armor parts and the Excalibur). I have not much information on this Saber, but it certainly looks good.

Some upcoming and prototype figurines from Megahouse.

And of course the Ichiban Kuji Fate/ Zero set Part 1 from Banpresto, this is the part 1 which I have introduced here. I also managed to bought the set which was posted here (1, 2, 3).

This is Ichiban Kuji Fate/ Zero set Part 2, schedule to release in Oct in Japan. Not sure if I am able to get hold of this...

And this set seems to be the Ichiban Kuji Premium set with some PVC figurines and a set of mini figurines. Currently still in prototype stage and there seems to be no images of this been shown at the Banpresto Ichiban website. Looking forward for more news on this set!

Source: cybergundam

News: Revoltech announced Mark V action figure

Ironman is indeed the most popular Marvel character. We have seen Hot Toys releasing MarkI to MarkVII, and now it seems Revoltech is following the same way. Recently I have seen several images of the Ironman Mark V action figures by Revoltech which I am sharing here. 

I have the first batch of Revoltech Mark VI figure and I think it is really awesome and maybe even better then Hasbro's Ironman action figure series. But I stopped collecting it due to budget and space constraint. 

I have to agree that Revoltech is improving their action figure from the first batch of MarkVI to this MarkV. If I do not collect the Hot Toys, I may consider getting this MarkV from Revoltech.

Source from: Toy People

News: Tamashii Nation announced Super Robot Chogokin - Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann is one of my favorite Mecha anime, and of course I have many figurines and model kits of the mecha in the series. Which includes the Revoltech series, and the Composite Ver. Ka from Bandai. Tamashii Nation has also recently announced the Super Robot Chogokin Gurren Lagann.

Standing at approx 145mm, this Gurren Lagann is made of ABS, PVC and die-cast. According to source, this Super Robot from Tamashii Nation should be available by Jan 2013.

Source from:

Saturday, 29 September 2012

News: Nendoroid Wakana Sakai by Goodsmile Company

Wakana Sakai may not sound familiar if you don't watch Tari Tari anime. It is a new manga that started running from May 2012 and is still on-going. They also have a 13 episode anime which just finished aired last week. Yesterday Mika Tan has uploaded previews of one of the main character, Wakana Sakai in her blog.

I may not know this character well (I just started watch this series last week!) but I really liked the accessory that comes with this. And thanks to the sculptor for including a sitting pose for this, it really looks good! According to source, this Nendoroid should be up for PO on 2nd Oct 2012.

Source from: Mikatan's blog

Friday, 28 September 2012

News: MOTU displays and Slides at the Power Con 2012

Power Con, an event dedicated for the Master of the Universe, He-man hit Torrance, California last weekend. There were some new figures revealed during the convention and display booth at the event. I should share some of the images I have gathered thru the web on this post.

And below are the slides for the upcoming products in the remaining 2012 and first half of 2013.

Source from: TNI and Toyark