Friday, 21 September 2012

News: Goodsmile Company - Nendoroid Hunter Female Swordsman (Bario X Edition)

Not long ago (around July), GSC launched their Nendoroid Hunter Male Swordman (Lagia X Edition). And now, they have released another Swordman, but it is the Female hunter in Bario X edition! According to source, the 'Bario X' armor series are made from the monster called Ice-Fanged Barioth.

I did a google on Ice-Fanged Barioth and found the above image from here. Looks fierce to me... Anyway back to the figure. Mika Tan did a preview on this Nendoroid today, so instead of just showing the official images released at GSC, we have some other poses images from Mika Tan's blog!


As mentioned earlier, currently this Nendoroid Hunter Female Swordsman is available for Preorder on most online stores. If you bought the Male Sword previously, it will be nice to put them together for some monster hunting!

Source from: Mika Tan's blog &

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