Friday, 7 September 2012

Coverage on some cute stuffs I found at the STGCC 2012

Sunday STGCC is a fruitful one. Bascially i just wanna to sum up my findings over there. I found some of my favourite characters like Minnie and Mickey Mouse. They are so sweet  in couple

Once again, my madness for Sanrio products had started. Oh no...they are so cute

One of the store had selling this series of Nanoblock for Sanrio. I used to be Nanoblock fan which surprise me when i saw their exclusive Sanrio characters  Unfortunately, they are all sold out during first day of STGCC. Now the store only takes in pre-order. 

Favourite Japanese tibits!! But a bit expensive.. 

We got this Lord of the Rings map at one of the store called Popcorn.

Some other cute stuffs I found at the convention! These are from Tokidoki!

Some plushies available at the convention, even the superheroes can be cute!


Finally we decide to use our STGCC tickets to redeem free topping for our "Gong Cha" bubble tea. I ordered the Capis Lemon with jelly topping and Korean Yuzu drink with Jelly topping too. Very nice and highly recommended!!!

This should be my last post for the STGCC 2012, it was really a great event which we had enjoyed ourselves. Looking forward for the next STGCC!

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