Thursday, 6 September 2012

My Collection: Figuarts Zero One Piece - Brook (New World Version)

This Brook actually arrived last week but was too busy writing up on the STGCC and delay this post. Fyi this Brook marks the completion of my Figuarts Zero One piece Straw Hat Pirates in New World series.

I first started out this series with Nami around end of 2011. After that I became 'hooked' on this series. In order to control my spending, I decided to only completed the entire of  Straw Hat Pirates team and maybe Shanks and Ace. To my surprise I was able to gather all of the team except Brook. But I got lucky when it was reissue again few weeks ago. Now I have sealed a lot of my collections to prepare for shifting to my new house which will be ready next year, hence it will be quite tough to gather all for a group shot. But rest assure there will be a day when they can have a 'reunion' again!

Last but not least, I have created a 360 degrees views for Brook, check it out!

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