Saturday, 1 September 2012

Coverage on STGCC 2012: Hot Toys

Just make my way back from the STGCC at MBS! I will be posting pictures from my cam as well as some sights which I found interesting. This year's STGCC is held at MBS (Marina Bay Sand). Although the distance from the MRT station to the event hall was quite near but I, as a commoner really cannot afford the food there. I as an adult can only afford bread for breakfast and sandwich for lunch... Hope Suntec event hall can be available by next year... Anyway this post will be focus on the Hot Toys booth at the STGCC.

Basically most of the displays were similar as what we saw at the Anicom. The only difference is lesser items were displayed. There was no Dark Knight Rises diorama, no Robocop, etc... Kind of disappointing about that. I will be covering more on the remaining displays from other booths, so stay tuned!

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