Tuesday, 4 September 2012

STGCC 2012 Day 2 Coverage (Intensive pictures)

Made my way to STGCC 2012 in the Sunday afternoon since I bought a 2 days ticket. I was quite surprised that were still many visitors on its second day. It may be a sign that Singapore has more and more Toys, games and comics fans. Anyway below are some photos which I missed out taking on day 1.

Right at the entrance, the Singapore Post displayed a Star Wars limited edition stamps collection.

These are mainly the games section featuring EA games and Marvel vs Capcom. At this area, you can smell food in the air because not too far away, there is this food stall with duck rice! Alright now, stop complaining that food shouldn't be here, the exhibitors and hungry visitors need to eat too! But maybe they can arrange for a separated section with food so that the smell won't be flowing around in the convention hall...

There are also SD Gundam Capsule Fighter online and Dragon Nest promotion booths set up near the entrance. The SD Gundam gameplay looks cool, before going to STGCC on Sunday I went to Gundam Expo @ Nex and they are also promoting the same game. (Will do a Gundam Expo Coverage later)

Near the Hot Toys booth, there is a Tekken game competition going on. But what interest me is the Dragonball game which works similar to Wii, the game would capture players movement for the moves and dodges in the games. 

On the display case where we saw a Rulk statue was replaced by a Thor and Captain America PF statue. Maybe the Rulk was bought by customer?

Day 1

Day 2

And these are the Funko Toys I mentioned on my previous post. Even on day 2, they are still selling fast!
There were Disney, DC, Star Wars and Sanrio based character which customers can choose from! The Kotobukiya Bishoujo statues were also available with some limited versions.

There was free Fanta at the event, the only thing I liked about the event, well most Singaporeans likes free stuffs mah. We love Fanta!

This was another display I missed on my previous posts. It contains a full cabinet of vintage toys displayed by U-Toys. They also displayed quite a few Transformers Masterpiece which were sought after by many fans of Transformer.

I don't why I just feel like taking a closer shot of these One Piece figurines Legend Studio, the Ironman and Saint Seiya from Kidslogic. They are simply too irresistible!

Some other figurine displays we saw around the booths at STGCC, including a super mega size plushie, which I am not sure who the character is.

Find this poster interesting which I feel familiar, did it appear in Captain America: The First Avenger's movie?

I realized I did not include any of the highly anticipated Catwoman's picture in my previous posts. Adding her and the Batpod in. Looking at the Bat-pod, I feel really regretted not POing it in the first place...

Along the way we saw some impressive cosplayers but I am too shy to request them for pictures (lol). But having said that, I did managed to capture some. Saber Bride, Gundam Unicorn destroyed mode and the Tyrael from Diablo.

Visited the artist valley again to look for any interesting stuffs. The Cartoon.sg is drawing your own portrait in Cartoon style for just $10! There were also several talented artists around, but I liked this particular one which displayed his own work of Naruto and Marvel.

Just before leaving the convention, we saw Leinil Yu doing a sketch of wolverine for a lucky fan. It was damn nice. Wish I could get one but too many people around.

Well this post has more or less covered all the sightings, games, toys and some cosplays we saw at the STGCC 2012. Overall the convention was pretty nice, but I would expect more from it for the price we paid! Hopefully next year there would be more displays, games, VIPs and more Toys! I thanks all viewers for your support. I will soon post some pictures of my hoots from STGCC! Please continue your support  at this blog for more toy postings and news!

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