Sunday, 16 September 2012

My Collection: ' The Flash' Yūki Asuna from Sword Art Online

If you are watching Sword Art Online, you will know her, or even love her. Yūki Asuna, the main heroine in the anime. She is also the in-game wife and real world girlfriend of Kirito, the main hero of Sword Art Online. This cute figurine that I am posting actually comes with the Dengeki Hobby Magazine 2012 Sept.
But the one I ordered (from ebay) does not come with the magazine, I can't read Japanese anyway.

 I really like how detailed the figurine was made. The costume is so nice, and there is even the red cross on the leggings! I also like the sword of Asuna, look at the size of it when holding it on my finger!

Lastly, Asuna having a photo shot with Kirito! Cute right!
That is all for this post, thanks for the view!

Source from: amiami and swordartonline.wikia

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